I will start off this review by saying that I know nothing about cigars. We ended up wandering into El Titan de Bronze because we felt we wanted to have the ultimate Cuban experience while we were in Miami and buy a cigar, which we would take to thebeach with us and smoke at night. Located in the heart of Little Havana, this place caught our eye because, first of all, it looked cool from the outside and second, because they had a huge selection. I still don’t understand what everything in there was but the guy there said something along the lines of them having all kinds of different strength… or something! We ended up buying one of the weaker ones, since we aren’t smokers, but open arriving at the beach and lighting one up we realized that we just weren’t meant to smoke them- the taste was incredibly strong! However, we brought some back to California as gifts for some of our friends, and they loved them. They said the quality was great.
I definitely recommend going here because it’s a completely family run operation and they make all the cigars there, all handmade. The guy there (who might have been the owner) was extremely nice, helpful and gave us very elaborate explanations and suggestions.

Daniela A.