We were welcomed warmly like old friends even when we were assumed to be mere ignorant tourists. Photos were strongly encouraged, and help always a glance away. Once established that we knew what we were talking about, the owner became extremely excited and starting taking down vintage cigar paraphernalia to show us, and brought us into the aging room to ogle.

Being a functioning factory, all rollers were present, and very friendly to us annoying visitors who constantly poked our noses into their work. Quality is clearly paramount in this factory (just look at the work done by Maria, their star roller, not to discount the others of course). Cigars smoked beautifully especially the Sun Growns, although some would have benefited from additional resting — though this is true of any boutique without the capacity for aging substantial inventory.

I have never seen a more respectfully run cigar establishment, whether factory or store, anywhere in the world, and I have seen my fair share. MUST NOT MISS.

Alvin W.

This one is going to be partially based on memories from a bachelor weekend in Miami about a year ago…yeah, it was a little blurry, but El Titan de Bronze made a clear impression that I had to give it its deserving review.
It was a Sat morning when a Friend and I wondered into Little Havana after a crazy Friday night out with the boys.  We took a Taxi down to SW 8th Street not without purpose…  1.  To sober up from the drunkenness.  2.  In search of authentic Cuban food and Espresso!  3.  To check out the “cigar row” 4. And get the true experience of the Cuban community in person.
I can tell you that we certainly accomplished #3 and #4 in finding El Titan de Bronze!  I will say that having my friend who is fluent in Spanish/Portuguese was tremendous.  I don’t think the experience would have been the same without the translation.  Near El titan de Bronze were several larger and more “corporate” cigar stores.  And they were cool as well…  El Titan de Bronze has a small store front and on this particular day having just the owner (Carlos?) and his wife tending the shop.  It almost has a feel of a classic Barber Shop.  The owners are well in their 60?  From the moment we walked in, I felt like they were ‘hosts’ rather than ‘merchants.’  He gave us his story of coming to the US from Cuba, explained the all the differences between his products.  He offered us several free sample stogies and we lit it up right in the store.  All I can say is, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.
We left happily with a box of cigars and last month I purchased another box via telephone.  The customer service on the phone was friendly and the shipping process was flawless.
By the Way, the cigars are really great too!

Jeff L.

I had already been to a couple of cigar shops in Miami which appeared to have wonderful collections of cigars.  But, I hadn’t actually visited one where they were rolled on site.  I had read about this one in this listing and happened to drive past it as I was leaving Little havana.  There was a parking space open so I thought, what the heck.  I walked in the door and immediately saw two experienced cigar makers working to one side.  A wonderful woman who I later found was the wife of the owner and book keeper offered to help me out.  One thing I was a little concerned about was the quality of the English spoken at these places.  So far, i was able to communicate with many of the businesses I’ve visited in Little Havana, but there are always limits that ultimately mean the conversations are pretty short.  She was obviously a native Floridian.  In fact, I originally thought she might even be a New Yorker to had moved to Miami.  But, she knew her stuff and immediately struck up a quick friendship.  She steered me to a particular blend that looked great then said I should definitely try one.  On first puff, I realized this was a SERIOUS cigar and coughed a bit.  But, within moments I was puffing away on the best cigar I had every smoked (this includes Cuban).  Her husband came in with some Cafe Cubano and that complimented the cigar even more.  I was impressed enough that I dropped over $200 on 40 of them.  I’m definitely staying in touch and will be ordering more when I need them.

If you are looking for GREAT cigars that are rolled in front of you, are a little unsure of just how good your Spanish was (by the way, I ultimately found she was a true bilingual) and really want a small family factory where the personal service is amazing, this is an absolute MUST.  Check it out!!!!

Hank D. Alameda

This little Cigar place blew me away. I knew that there were a few Cigar manufacturers in the Little Havana area, but I doubted they could produce the high quality Stogies that I was used to smoking. Brother, was I ever wrong. The El Titan Maduro is one of the best Cigars I’ve ever smoked.

This little shop is small but beautiful. The smells of fresh tobacco and leaf smack you in the face when you walk in the door. And I use the term smack in the most loving way possible. If there was a Hockey game on TV and Penelope Cruz lighting my Cigar in a skimpy nighty, this would be my version of heaven. The wonderful woman who runs the shop made me feel welcome and at home. If I knew how good these Cigars were, I would have brought home 10 boxes. On the average, they’re sticks ran about $6.00 a piece and considering how good they are, it’s a bargain. Yes folks, they were that good. Thank goodness she gave me a order form so I can purchase them online. The El Titan Maduro will be added to my regular, Cigar rotation.

Here’s the bottom line: Even if you’re a casual, weekend Cigar smoker. A visit to El Titan is a must. Not only will you deal with a hospitable host who provides a delicious, affordable Cigar, you will get a chance to see how a good Cigar is made. Believe me when I tell you, Cigar rolling is an art form. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Andy M.

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