If you love cigars. You have to stop by, hang out and watch how those beautiful cigars are made.

The owner’s husband, Jose, greeted me like an old friend with a cigar in his mouth. He encouraged me to take pictures of the master rollers that are working there. He then proceed to bring me back to the cigar room and also where they store the bundle of cigar leaf, educating me on the differences. Love it.

The cigar I bought was great, nicely wrapped, not too tight, smoked and burned well…slight sweetness to it.

Padron (about 5 min away) may have a much nicer showroom, but definitely not personal and certainly not as friendly.

Q N.

Not the flashiest cigar location from the outside however El Titan de Bronze is absolutely the one spot any very serious cigar smoker should visit while in Miami. Located in the heart of Calle Ocho it is much more a Fabrica than a cigar store. Although their Titan Grand Reserve Maduro and Sun Grown Habano cigars are very good and an absolute bargain for their flavors and quality.

On the Saturday I was there the owner Sandy Cobas took the time to visit with my Wife and me for about an hour. Sandy is wonderful to speak with and so passionate about the cigar industry especially the Miami cigar industry. During the hour we had the privilege to watch one of the world’s best torcedores Maria Sierra roll the new La Palina Goldie series vitolas. Before El Titan Maria was one of the first female torcedores at Cuba’s prestigious El Laguito Fabrica. Sandy then introduced us to Ernie Padilla owner of Padilla Cigars. Ernie was great to speak cigars with and his fantastic Miami 8&11 series are rolled at El Titan.

We happily walked out of El Titan de Bronze with a mixture of a dozen of their Grand Reserves but more importantly the memory of Sandy, Maria and Ernie’s genuine friendliness will last a lifetime in the mind of this cigar lover. Even though all of the La Palina Goldie’s are rolled there they don’t sell them so we walked a few blocks to Little Havana Cigar Factory and purchased a couple and happily smoked them in tribute to Maria Sierra since we knew her little hands rolled them. I am looking very forward to coming back to El Titan when I am back in Miami next year!

Kenny N.

This little Cigar place blew me away. I knew that there were a few Cigar manufacturers in the Little Havana area, but I doubted they could produce the high quality Stogies that I was used to smoking. Brother, was I ever wrong. The El Titan Maduro is one of the best Cigars I’ve ever smoked.

This little shop is small but beautiful. The smells of fresh tobacco and leaf smack you in the face when you walk in the door. And I use the term smack in the most loving way possible. If there was a Hockey game on TV and Penelope Cruz lighting my Cigar in a skimpy nighty, this would be my version of heaven. The wonderful woman who runs the shop made me feel welcome and at home. If I knew how good these Cigars were, I would have brought home 10 boxes. On the average, they’re sticks ran about $6.00 a piece and considering how good they are, it’s a bargain. Yes folks, they were that good. Thank goodness she gave me a order form so I can purchase them online. The El Titan Maduro will be added to my regular, Cigar rotation.

Here’s the bottom line: Even if you’re a casual, weekend Cigar smoker. A visit to El Titan is a must. Not only will you deal with a hospitable host who provides a delicious, affordable Cigar, you will get a chance to see how a good Cigar is made. Believe me when I tell you, Cigar rolling is an art form. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Andy M.

I love there Cigars true artisans, friendly honest you will not find a better cigar.
They are very sought after cigars and not available every where, so your going to have to make a trip to little Havana  or call them and have them shipped.
If you love cigars like I do you must give them a try.

Aaa C.

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