We were welcomed warmly like old friends even when we were assumed to be mere ignorant tourists. Photos were strongly encouraged, and help always a glance away. Once established that we knew what we were talking about, the owner became extremely excited and starting taking down vintage cigar paraphernalia to show us, and brought us into the aging room to ogle.

Being a functioning factory, all rollers were present, and very friendly to us annoying visitors who constantly poked our noses into their work. Quality is clearly paramount in this factory (just look at the work done by Maria, their star roller, not to discount the others of course). Cigars smoked beautifully especially the Sun Growns, although some would have benefited from additional resting — though this is true of any boutique without the capacity for aging substantial inventory.

I have never seen a more respectfully run cigar establishment, whether factory or store, anywhere in the world, and I have seen my fair share. MUST NOT MISS.

Alvin W.