Lawrence Taylor smokes Eltitan

Lawrence taylor smokes cigar

A grinning Lawrence Taylor whipped out a cigar Friday after a jury sacked a teenage hooker’s civil suit against the disgraced Giants great.

The brand of cigar? El Titan De Bronze Redemption.

Taylor began celebrating after a jury took just 50 minutes to dispense with Cristine Fierro’s claims that the ex-linebacker forced himself on her during a “date.”

While the Hall of Famer gave his lawyer Arthur Aidala a bear hug, Fierro cried on her lawyer’s shoulder.

Outside the federal courtroom, Taylor insisted he’d learned his lesson — a turnaround from the day before he said he’d continue paying hookers for sex.

“It’s a different world, you have to govern yourself accordingly,” he said.

Taylor also expressed sympathy for Fierro, who was just 16 when their paths crossed two years ago in a Rockland County hotel room.

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