El Titan de Bronze Redemption Maduro




Upon initial light you realize that this is not the sweet Maduro you may be used to, you are greeted with an earthly powerful spice.  As you smoke through this segment you may encounter cocoa, coffee, earthiness, and some other unique spices. The smoke is thick and coats your palate but it does not leave the typical Maduro sweetness, again, it has a finish that is a bit earthy.

The middle of the cigar doesn’t loose any complexity. The most notable change is going to come from the finish of each puff. The spice has lessened a bit and you now get a hint of the sweetness a typical maduro will leave. Because the spice has slightly subdued you will experience more of the cocoa flavors.

Reveiw from PuffingCigars.com

You get a great, complex, cigar from start to finish. As you end the cigar you seem to experience everything again as if it were reminding you of the enjoyment you had. Or maybe it’s the Redemption Maduro’s way of waiving bye and enticing you to smoke it again.

Final Verdict: The cigar retails for about $7.xx at the B&M and somewhere around $6.xx if you can find it online.  If you like complex cigars, spice, unique wrappers, new cigars, or supporting the small cigar company – then the El Titan de Bronze Redemption Maduro is the cigar for you! We recommend buying two boxes of which one will be used for aging. These Redemption Maduros are fairly new but we believe have great qualities that do even better with a little shelf time.

Construction: If the wrappers all got together to have a last man standing brawl, I would put two stacks of high society on the El Titan de Bronze Maduro San Andres Wrapper.  This Mexican San Andres  dark beast is toothy, carries some medium sized veins, looks rough, and makes the cigar feel firm.

Draw: The Redemption Maduro has a medium draw that requires just a bit of effort to pull the thick smoke through. It is enough resistance to make sure the cigar doesn’t burn too fast, or too hot, and comfortable enough to fully enjoy the cigar. I would suggest cutting the Redemption wide open.

Burn: The burn on the El Titan de Bronze Redemption Maduro is great and has never required any corrections. The ash is medium pepper gray in color and appears flaky. However while the Redemption Maduro may appear flaky the ash holds quite well and will not fall into your lap.

Flavor: As you hear us rant through the Redemption video you quickly realize that the flavors being produced a very unique to  this cigar. While the components being used to construct the El Titan de Bronze are not unique themselves (many will argue on the wrapper) the blend is very complex and creates quite the buzz on your palate.

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